In 2016, the Balipara Foundation embarked on an ambitious journey to restore forests across Assam’s “Elephant Country”, a belt stretching from [tk district] all the way to [tk district]. As this dream began to take shape, we found ourselves drawn to the same question over and over again: why not forests and people?

Hours of deliberation later and we had an answer: Rural Futures, the key to reconciling human & biodiversity needs.

A scalable, localized action framework for natural capital regeneration, Rural Futures visualizes communities as the primary stewards of habitat restoration & management. Through habitat-mediated incomes, communities achieve greater socioeconomic mobility, generating a self-sustaining loop of sustainable incomes and businesses for forest-fringe communities.

The Rural Futures Mission

In time, communities accrue enough value through natural capital to become self-reliant, accessing and delivering universal basic assets & services needed to secure basic human needs for improved quality of life and income.

The Naturenomics Civilization

Our passion for Rural Futures is to extend its principles, along with the principles of NaturenomicsTM – ecology and economy in interdependence – across Assam to the Eastern Himalayas and beyond, to build the NaturenomicsTM Civilization.
Our passion is a future in which natural capital forms the central core of a global biome with humans, wildlife and industry in thriving symbiotic coexistence.
A future with self-sufficient, self reliant autonomous networked forest-fringe communities with sustainable livelihoods & businesses based on regenerative habitat management.
A future with natural capital-based system for communities to independently deliver equitable access to universal basic assets.
A future with regenerative, cooperative natural capital based economy that securitizes LEWWAC (Land, Energy, Water, Waste, Air, Carbon).