Biodiversity & Indigenous Knowledge Research

The Balipara Foundation inculcates a strong ethos of evidence-driven action, seeking to build its firsthand knowledge base in field sites before launching interventions in partnerships with communities. Research has long played a key role in developing this ethos, and forms a critical part of our operations by expanding our knowledge base and enriching our perspectives.

The Eastern Himalayas harbours thousands of species found nowhere else on earth and its diverse indigenous communities have a rich bank of knowledge of its bioresources. Since 2016, our research has focused on documenting this rich biodiversity through scientific assessments, as well as working alongside indigenous communities to preserve their rich knowledge, in addition to further identifying species and their uses.


7 Journal Publications

In peer-reviewed journals

1582 angiosperms

Identified through biodiversity
assessment research

199 Medicinal Plants

Identified through ethnobotany

550 Fungi

34 confirmed new species Mushrooms identified

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