A One-Day Naturenomics™ Program on Plants & Bird identification

Ecological studies are vital in understanding the natural processes of evolution and impacts our responses and behaviour to our natural world. With an objective of educating children from Elite Academy on the different birds and plants in the Eastern Himalayas that surround the, a one day Naturenomics™ programme on plant and bird identification with 12 students was conducted at Naturenomics™ School.

Students from the 8th standard spent an interactive day participating in indoor and outdoor activities designed to connect them with their environment and ensuring immersive learning.  They were guided through a presentation on basic knowledge of types of plants, its scientific nature, the different parts of a plant – leaves, roots, flowers and fruits and the bird diversity in the region. Post which, they were taken on a nature trail to the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark for jungle bathing and to collect different leaf patterns and identify them along with spotting the different birds based on the sounds of the birds commonly found in that region. In order to explore their creativity and gain an insight on their understanding and learning of the programme, they were quizzed on nature, its elements and how to nurture their environment.

With so many different species and environmental influences, unravelling these relationships can be a complicated process but after the programme children would be able to solve a wide range of practical problems, from controlling diseases or pests to preventing an endangered species from extinction.

Impacts of the programme:

> Students will have a greater understanding of the need for  conservation of plants.
> Students will gain a greater understanding on the importance of birds for the sustainability of the plants and indirectly to humans.
> A deeper insight into the extinction of many bird species due to fun sports and hunting, thus realizing their importance for conservation.