“Stories are the engine of our imagination and helps create a better world”

Highlights of the Event:

> The objective of the programme was to instil an ardent appreciation of nature in young minds through storytelling

> 13 school students  participated in this programme conducted by Naturenomics™ School.


The environment is vital to our well-being and every element should be protected; be it forests, water resources, soil or air. Environmental conservation encompasses being compassionate and working on protecting the planet and conserving its resources for an improved quality of life, which also includes a deep respect and understanding of what nature provides. Children are the seeds of a better tomorrow, and it is necessary to help them realise the significance of the environment and the planet that they live on.

This one-day programme was conducted by the Naturenomics™ School, Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark on 2nd March, 2019. Thirteen students (between the ages 5-10) accompanied by a teacher from Blessing Shine School, Lokra participated in the programme.  The programme was engaging, insightful and fuelled the imagination of children to connect them with nature and its role in our lives. Structured with storytelling, drama and acting, we participated in several outdoor activities that were fun-filled and creative. Students enjoyed playing games, drawing out images from their mind of the relationship that they share with nature and put into words their feelings and emotions to describe nature.

They also viewed films and cartoons that depict nature and its relevance as well as conservation of our natural resources. The programme concluded with a workshop on birding by Protuyakti Gogoi from Jungle Travels, and a Snake bite Management workshop by Gautam Baruah, Balipara Foundation. At the end of the workshop, students were given certificates by Sri. S. Ramadorai, ex CEO and MD of Tata Consultancy Services.

Impacts of the event:

> An insight into the minds of young children and their imagination to develop a natural love for nature

> Recongnising their role in keeping the environment safe by protecting it

> Understand deeper the relation between humans, plants, wild animals and everything found in nature and how it corelates and inter relates us