The Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ School had conducted an outreach programme on Earth Day.

> The objective of the programme was to spread awareness on the significance of Earth Day, as well as to promote the initiatives taken up by Balipara Foundation to commemorate this day Earth Day had begun on 22nd April 1970, as a people’s movement in protest of environmental degradation in the United States of America. Ever since, the Earth Day Network (EDN) has coordinated events in support of environmental protection on Earth Day every year, with participation from more than 192 countries. The day brings forward a vast range of global issues, such as pollution, deforestation, improper waste disposal, climate change, conservation of ecosystems, energy and resources, population explosion, etc., with a different theme every year. The theme for this year was ‘Protect Our Species’.

The Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ School, under the aegis of the Earth Day Network, had conducted an
awareness programme and plantation drive at Rangapara College and Tezpur College on the 22nd and 23rd
April, 2019, respectively.

On both the days, the programme had started with a welcome speech by the Principal
of the college, after which representatives from Balipara Foundation had shared with the participants  the various
initiatives, verticals and projects of the organization. A detailed presentation was shown on the history and
significance of Earth Day, and what could be done at the individual-level to help assuage global environmental
problems. The programme at Tezpur College was strengthened by the presence of the coordinator of IQAC-
NAAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell for National Assessment and Accreditation Council). The event ended by
donation of 3000 saplings of fruit-bearing trees by Balipara Foundation to each college. Later, the saplings were
distributed among students, teaching and non-teaching staffs. At Rangapara College, several saplings were also
implanted around the college playground by some members of faculty.

Impacts of the event:

> The audience was encouraged to observe Earth Day every year through the medium of various
activities and awareness programs.

> The event disseminated knowledge about the importance of the history of the Earth day and its journey