Eastern Himalayan Rural Futures®:
Ecology for the New Economy

Virtually bringing together 12 Eastern Himalayan Capitals and 10 Countries for
creating a Naturenomics™ Agenda – Ecology for the New Economy

In association with Sikkim Express and Sikkim University

THEME : ‘Identifying pressing issues in conservation & livelihoods among communities’


One of the oldest indigenous communuities of Sikkim, the Lepcha community is rich in its culture and tradition and has been largely concentrated in Dzongu in Sikkim. Amidst the idyllic backdrop of Mount Kanchenjunga, this tribe has managed to create a perfect harmony with nature. However, with changing times, the mountain community of Sikkim are said to be vanishing and so are their stories and traditions. This sense of loss and cultural erosion pervades the community, from rural to urban Lepcha, dominating conversations about their culture. The community, however, is taking matters into their own hands and have been crafting way forward through sustainable growth. To shed light on the uphill journey of the Lepcha community and explore its path towards social – economic – environmental impact leading the way forward for Rural Futures, the Regional Forum focused on –

Building an action-based communication platform for stakeholders and community representatives of Lepcha

Create awareness about the community and deriving target oriented future course of action.

Community Conservation Stories.

Identifying and recognizing exceptional contribution towards the Lepcha Community.