EHNF 2016 : Multi-Disciplinary Conservation at the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum

After the huge magnitude of the success of the former Asian Elephants in the Wild Conferences and its positive impacts in the field of conservation, we realized that there was a need to broaden our scope of conversation and rechristen it to Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum to include other powerful drivers of the issues at hand, including, climate change, development, depletion of essential natural resources like water and the overwhelming influence of technology and culture, on successful conservation efforts and to bring them together on the same platform.

The Forum was addressed by prominent personalities, individuals and organizations, authorities from the Government of India and neighbouring countries, conservationists and activists, scientists, researchers and technologists, who are actively involved in working on the issues of Asian Elephants in the Wild, Environment Conservation, Legal aspects of conservation and Social Impact Case Studies.