Students and Faculties of Assam Valley School with EHBA team at Komison Mili’s residence

Highlights of the event: 

> Balipara Foundation in association with Baligaon Miri Green Village promoting community eco-tourism with Assam Valley School.

> 12 students along with 2 faculties from Craft design and Technology Centre of Assam Valley School participated in the event.

> Students learned about the history, traditions and culture, handloom and handicrafts, agricultural practices and lifestyle of Mishing community. 

> Boating and an ethnic lunch were provided to them at the Green village wetland.

Objective of the Event:

Promoting Community eco-tourism in Baligaon Miri Green village of Mishing community in order to conserve the environment, promote different cultures and traditions and sustains the well being of the local people.


On 26th of June, 2017 an eco-tourism programme was organized for Assam Valley School by Naturenomics™ School and Baligaon Miri Green Village. Responsible eco-tourism committee of Baligaon Green village leaded by Shri Pabitra Mili took active roles in organizing the whole event supported by EHBA team. The day started at the residence of Shri Komison Mili where he welcomed the group of students and faculties and gave an introduction to the Mishing community. He spoke about the history, traditions and cultures of Mishings. He showed them around his garden of ethnobotanically important plants and also mentioned the uses to the students. From there the students took a tour of the village where they explored the lifestyle of the Mishing community. They explored a “Chang ghar”, the traditional house of the Mishings, where they had also seen the handicrafts, traditional fishing and agricultural tools of the Mishing community. The students learned with much enthusiasm the traditional techniques of fishing and agriculture. The group then moved towards the next spot to explore the handlooms of the Mishings where they learned about their weaving techniques. The students were offered there to try their traditional attire and click pictures. The programme ended with visit to the Green Village wetland where the students enjoyed a leisure time by boating at the lake and also having an ethnic lunch at the lake side by using eco-friendly plates and glasses and organically grown vegetables.