Since 2013, Balipara Foundation has highlighted and invested in the efforts of societal entrepreneurs who are working tirelessly to create social, economic, and environmental impact in protecting the essential natural resources and restoring the beauty of the Eastern Himalayas.

Through the Balipara Foundation Awards, we award, reward, and recognize these extraordinary visionaries of the Eastern Himalayas and their indomitable contribution. Our Awardees continue to live in harmony with nature and adopt sustainable methods for greening the economy. These Grassroots Leaders empower, engage, sensitize their communities towards environmental protection and create opportunities for rural livelihoods. Adopting new technologies and inventions with indigenous knowledge, they are the Custodian Experts of the biodiversity in their region. These entrepreneurs receive a Social Impact Recognition Award which comes with a Citation and a contribution to the organization or individual from Social Impact Recognition Fund of Balipara Foundation.


Rewilding is about restoring the natural ecosystems and landscapes that make life on this planet possible today. The development of nature through rewilding is an opportunity for a new economy. It enhances the lives and livelihoods of our local communities.

Earth Heroes around the Eastern Himalayas are weaving wondrous blue and green ribbons of wilderness that wrap the Earth in beauty, offering the promise of a better future, and habitats for all.

Balipara Foundation with a vision towards Rewilding our collective Future across the Indian Eastern Himalayas, is hereby delighted to announce a social grant of INR 5,00,000, this year to honour and support an individual or community organization working towards implementing a conservation model that is helping to rebuild healthy ecosystems, restoring habitat for plants and wildlife and enhancing community engagement in the process. The grant will facilitate field activities and provide an opportunity to leverage this support to make their work more sustainable.