Reuse of Waste Plastics: Saving our Environment

“Recycling Just 1 plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60W light bulb”

Highlights of the Event:

> Total of 15 students with 2 faculties  participated in this Program

> Trained school kids how to re-use waste plastic bottles.

This was our one-day Naturenomics™ school program with the students of Model Academy, Khanamukh. They were the students of VIIIth standard and were happy to attend the program as their exams were over and they got a free day in the school to attend the colourful workshop. A presentation on plastic, its impact on environment and solution to control pollution by plastic was offered to the students. All the students took part in the discussion on what are/should be our ways to reduce and reuse the plastic waste. The discussion was followed by creative session in which our team members Darshana, Sangita & Samrander guided the students to redecorate the plastic bottles and transform them into beautiful items.

As always, students enjoyed making beautiful items from the plastic bottles and decorating them with colors and flowers. They made flower pots, pen-stands, pouch, and wall hangers, whatever they liked.

Impacts of the workshop:

> Students will gain a greater understanding of the need to carefully use all resources in ways that are not wasteful and damaging to the environment —both now and in the future.

> Students will gain a greater understanding of the threats facing a variety of organisms, including endangered species, and the need to reduce plastic pollution.

> Students will understand that they can personally play an important role in reducing plastic pollution and increasing recycling rates for a healthier environment.

> Students will gain a greater understanding of the different types of plastics, and which can and cannot be recycled.

> Students will understand that recycling involves a first-hand commitment to making the environment healthier.