The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has exposed the damage ecological degradation will wreak in the future – not just future virulent pandemics (WEF 2019), but droughts (Pearce, 2018), water & food insecurity (FAO, 2019) and the increasing desertification of once fertile soil (CSE, 2017). What once used to be a once in a lifetime disaster is looking to soon become a once-a-year event. The overconsumption and runaway exploitation of our natural resources have spurred the global collapse we face today. But rethinking how we use natural capital, can help us kickstart a revolution in the economy back in ecology – the Naturenomics™ vision. The COVID crisis offers an unprecedented opportunity to rewrite the rulebook on growth, human development and quality of life. We need a new paradigm for resilient and sustainable relationships between people and nature – for our future.

The Naturenomics™ Dialogues are part of the Balipara Foundation’s broader program of international dialogues and forums, the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum, which aims to bring together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to debate pressing issues and opportunities for action in ecology, economy, and
community-centered conservation.

Naturenomics™ Dialogue 2.0:
Rewilding the Future
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Naturenomics™ Dialogue 1.0:
Ushering in the Ecological Revolution