Located in the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark the Eastern Himalayan NaturenomicsTM School is ‘dedicated to inspiring the Eastern Himalayan community and promote the culture of interdependence’. Through the principles of NaturenomicsTM we engage people of all ages and cultures and ‘sensitise them to nature through practical activities’. We encourage and empower local experts from the community around the Eastern Himalayan Region who know their surroundings to enhance the learning of our participants. The School presents a unique opportunity to learn about Nature through a combination of indoor-outdoor learning. Through the various programmes at the school students will have an opportunity to learn from the local communities and encounter the myriad perspectives on the interdependence between Nature and Economics.


Drawing inspiration from the on the people and ecosystems around us, we endeavour toward sustainable development.

 Our Philosophy is:


> Exploring nature through engaging activities

> Nurturing Nature to nurture our own futures

> Reach out and connect to the earth and all that springs from it and learn the value of interdependence

> Effective nature related education programmes are designed to blend into our everyday lives

Mission: To maximize involvement and participatory learning about the importance of interdependence


Objective: To create a unique learning experience combining Nature, traditional knowledge and new learning techniques to inspire a new generation of eco crusaders.