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Balipara Foundation Awards - 2013

Background to the Inaugural BFA 13

The Balipara Foundation, has been documenting, analyzing and promoting the concept of Naturenomics for over a decade now. It seeks to bring the objective of economics in line with the imperatives of nature. Over the years we have promoted this idea through a series of "Naturenomics" Publications that have not only highlighted the critical environmental issues we face but have also attempted to bring solutions to the forefront. In recent years, the Balipara Foundation has been encouraged by the fact that the ideologies expressed by us have won acceptance among economists and organizations globally.


It is time that the public at large too is made aware of the connections upon which their own quality of life and security depends. We believe strongly that people who have devoted their lives to the defense of our natural treasures should be honored. That has been the chief motivation in instituting the Balipara Foundation Awards. By recognizing these custodians of our Natural Heritage, we hope to draw focus of their work. The awards will instill positivism, support, encouragement and hope in individuals and groups who are, as we see it, ambassadors of Naturenomics.

Vision: Creating a Biodiversity Knowledge Bank
Mission: Advocate the principles of NaturenomicsTM, in theory in practice.
Strategy: Conservation Entrepreneurship to facilitate Biodiversity Conservation
Focus Area: Biodiversity Conservation Development Alternatives Naturenomics Publications
Projects: Transfrontier Indo-Myan Biodiversity Park. Transfrontier Assam-Aruna Biodiversity Park. Nameri Forest Community Management. Herbarium & Nursery for Endemic Plant Conservation. Naturenomics Knowledge Bank Publications. Balipara Foundation Awards.


In defense of our Ecological Heritage, there are some who show us the only way forward. These are our foot soldiers that remain steadfast in their determination to defend Northeast India's most vital heritage - our rapidly degrading natural habitats.


The Balipara Foundation Awards in association with Sanctuary Asia and Aaranyak, honored some of the Northeast's most dedicated eco-warriors to draw focus to their work and encourage others to follow their path. To take the lead in supporting the green heroes of the Eastern Himalayas and Assam, Balipara Foundation instituted the Inaugural Balipara Foundation Awards on 12th April 2013. The awards have been guided wholly by the Balipara Foundation's Naturenomics mandate, which stipulates that natural resources be managed so as to enhance the quality of human life even as the natural capital base itself is enriched.

Highlights of Balipara Foundation Awards 2013 Winners
1. Balipara Foundation Naturenomics Award Arindam Dasgupta
2. Balipara Foundation Green Guru Award Uttam Teron
3. Balipara Foundation Green Legal Award Gautam Uzir
4. Balipara Foundation Eco Restoration Award Jadav Payeng
5. Balipara Foundation Eastern Himalaya Conservation Award Dr Anwarudin Choudhary
6. Balipara Foundation Food for the Future Award Neelam Dutta
7. Balipara Foundation Nature Conservancy Award Karbi Anglong Police Department
8. Balipara Foundation Young Naturalist Award Munjali Tokbipi
9. Balipara Foundation Annual Award William Oliver
10. Balipara Foundation Lifetime Service Award Anne Wright


Inaugural Late Rabindra Nath Barthakur Memorial Lecture 2013 Delivered by Mr. Ashok Khosla on the theme of "Development Alternatives"
Chief Event Host Mr. Victor Banerjee.
Co-Host Mr. Bittu Sahgal

The Event culminated with an announcement by Mr. Ranjit Barthakur, Chairman-Balipara Foundation, promising to facilitate a Grant of 5 Million INR to support Anti-poaching and Conservation efforts at the Kaziranga National Park, Assam. Generously supported by the Wildlife Trust of India, we were able to live up to our commitment by extending a contribution of 6.8 Million INR to the Park Authorities. The Grant was delivered in eight months since its announcement.

Nature Video Highlight

EHNF 2018 Rural Futures: Lisa Mills, University of Montana on Asian Elephant Conservation
EHNF 2018 Rural Futures: Lisa Mills, University of Montana on Asian Elephant Conservation
BFA 2018: Lifetime Service Awardee- Usha Lachungpa
BFA 2018: Lifetime Service Awardee- Usha Lachungpa
BFA 2018: Forest Rangers & Guards of The Eastern Himalayas Awardee -Dorji Wangchuk
BFA 2018: Forest Rangers & Guards of The Eastern Himalayas Awardee -Dorji Wangchuk
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