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Rural Futures

Socio-economic mobility surveys
Community organization and development activities like social resource mapping
Photography, Art/Exhibitions,
Photojournalism, Videography
Online research, Article writing


Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark

Conservation through the Botanic Ark
Research on the medicinal plants indigenous to Assam
Research and on-site work with regard to organic waste management
Study of plant species diversity & composition in Jungles of Assam
Creating programs and engaging in awareness activities through the Naturenomics™ School


Elephant Country

Hands on work with regard to branding and marketing
Engagement with the producer groups
Market study/research for the brand
Designing of products, natural dye training program
Social media promotion and content development/conceptualization


Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum

Research on case studies
Preparation for online activities such as social media promotion, registrations etc
Pre-event management i.e press conferences, press releases, articles to be published
Post event - Compilation of the event in the form of a report


Knowledge and Research

Research and articles for Our Himalayan
Research and articles for The Himalayan
Research and articles for The League of Earth Heroes
Research and articles for Handbook on Biodiversity
Research and articles for Naturenomics Series


Wild Mahseer

Hands on activity in the field of hospitality
Management of bookings
Management and organizing of programs of the homestays
Creation of programs and activities for guests at Wild Mahseer
Social media promotion, marketing and branding of Wild Mahseer


Rural Futures

  • Socio-economic mobility surveys can be a powerful tool in understanding the dynamics of a community from the point of view of various verticals of the organization. Both qualitative and quantitative surveys help in creating strategies to analyze models that have been built to meet the short term and long-term goals of the organization. 

  • Community engagement is of utmost importance not only for the organization but for the communities immersed in the projects because it will enhance the relevancy and applicability of the theory of development along with sector specific interventions based on their needs and wants. 

  • The means of using photography, art exhibition and photojournalism will help in visually highlighting the manifestations of the challenges faced by the communities. To capture beautiful pictures of human and environmental suffering can create a sense of empathy leading to actual implementation of plans. 

Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark: 

  • Conservation through the Botanic Ark will allow interns to experience hands on work with regard to aspects of conserving forests – whether it be preparation of a seed bank, medicinal plant being documented and used for various purposes, the relationship between conservation of nature and generation of livelihoods (for example, taking care of the nurseries etc.)

Elephant Country:

  • The work structure under Elephant country will largely entail the need to do the following which would enhance the output for revenue generation and upliftment of the brand in itself:

  1. Branding 

  2. Marketing of the products, brand and market surveys/study

  3. Designing relevant products 

  4. Social media promotions 

  5. Training programs for the communities to create direct market linkage 

  6. Content development and conceptualization 

Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum: 

  • Some of the key elements under organizing the Forum and post Forum tasks for interns would entail the following: 

  1. Primary and secondary research on case studies 

  2. Pre event management 

  3. Volunteering during the event 

  4. Rapporteuring for the event 

  5. Post event report- making and compilation 

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