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Siddharth Singh, The Jute Foundation, India

Siddharth Singh is set to build a plastic free world. As a chairman of The Jute Foundation, he envisions playing a comprehensive and impactful role towards the holistic growth and development of not just the jute industry but also the welfare of the nation. Siddharth Singh recognizes the challenge of combating the conveniences of plastic usage but is determined to address it. He has recently launched an initiative for organizations in across industries to work jointly with research and development agencies like the Indian Jute Industries’ Research Association (IJIRA) to develop finer jute shopping bags that can be repurposed into women’s handbags. Under Siddharth Singh’s leadership, the foundation has also made commitments towards labour issues, skill development, facilitating research and development and branding and creating awareness about jute being a eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic. 

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