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Prokash Datta, Cleanopolis Energy Systems India Private Limited (CESIPL)

Prokash Datta is a CEO of Cleanopolis Energy Systems India Private Limited (CESIPL). CESIPL was incorporated with a vision to explore the synergy between waste to energy and empowerment. The main objective of the company is to develop, harness, generate, & supply electricity and manure to end users by setting up dispersed mini biomass plants. The company has set up a grid connected Greenfield multi-fuel merchant power plant. The Cleanopolis™ franchise model seeks to convert organic waste or bio-mass into grid-quality electricity and natural bio-fertilizer through the process of anaerobic digestion or bio-methanation. Each planned bio-methanation plant will integrate constantly expanding settlements in the developing world with greenfield units that shall be customized and designed for local conditions. Simultaneously, the project will spur and encourage empowerment of local communities through their participation in the bio-mass input procurement process. Locals can mitigate the problem of waste collection and disposal by ridding their communities of waste (and its associated social and health problems) while gaining a livelihood and addressing their foremost concerns.

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