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Prof. Dhruba Saikia, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India

Prof. Dhruba Saikia joined the radio astronomy group of TIFR after his M.Sc. and obtained his Ph.D. degree from what was then the University of Bombay, working largely with Vijay Kapahi and Govind Swarup on radio jets and compact features in radio galaxies and quasars, including the development of an early version of the unified scheme for different kinds of quasars, which later developed into an active area of research. primary research interests continue to be diverse aspects of active galaxies, ranging from the nearby mildly active galaxies to the luminous radio galaxies and quasars at high redshifts, probing the early Universe from deep radio continuum surveys, neutral hydrogen 21-cm absorbers in active galaxies and at cosmological distances. At present, his thoughts and energies are almost entirely focussed on building a strong foundation for Cotton College State University as an institution with a vibrant academic and egalitarian atmosphere, excelling in all forms of academic activity, while providing high-quality, broad-based holistic education to the University students, and upholding the highest standards of ethics and public accountability.

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