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Nimesh Ved, Samrakshan, India

Nimesh Ved leads the Samrakshan, a Non-profit organization that has been working towards conservation education and capacity building in North-east India for more than a decade. Previously, Nimesh was working independently in programs involving conservation issues in remote location of Central and Northeast India. Then after specially focusing on working in the State of Mizoram, he designed, implemented and documented a conservation education- based program which was community- centric and also sensitive to their cultural values. After which he prioritized working on the led of conservation education, which he explored by reaching out to deferent types of stakeholders. Nimesh joined Samrakshan in 2002, after giving up on an established corporate sector job to take on a career in conservation. He also manages the Asha education initiative in the state. His background in the management skills helped him in electively assisting his team at Samrakshan. Nimesh also is a nature and wildlife writer, who has published both scientist and popular articles in magazines and newspapers on various topics pertaining to wildlife conservation in general. And he has been a part of various conservation education based programs that have successfully been executed in Northeast India. For his contribution and efforts, Nimesh was awarded with the Green Guru Award by Balipara Foundation in the year 2015.

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