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M. K. Yadava, India

Shri Mahendra Kumar Yadava is the Managing Director of Assam Electronics Development Corporation (AEDC) Ltd. He did his M.Tech. from I. I. T. Bombay. He belongs to the Assam Meghalaya cadre of Indian Forest Service. He is an active member of ODF alliance and a strong promoter of open source. He is one of the vocalists for adoption of open standards in the e-Governance in the country. Under his leadership Amtron has been able to expand itself to an organization with diverse nature of works in Telecom/IT/GIS/e-Governance etc. His contribution in the field of GIS and open source is commendable. The open source based paperless office concept introduced in Amtron has brought the "World is Open Award 2008" to the Corporation. The ODF movement is gaining ground in the State primarily because of the leadership shown by him. He has to his credit several articles and publications, especially in the field of GIS. He has presented his works in several international and national fora. (eom). Amtron bagged the best exhibitor award in Bangalore IT.biz 2009.

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