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Khun Sivaporn Dardarananda, Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, Thailand

Khun Sivaporn Dardarananda is a Secretary General of Elephant Reintroduction Foundation. Taking forward the vision of her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Khun Sivaporn Dardarananda has under his leadership and team of researchers, scientist, rangers and veterinarians successfully reintroduced captive elephants into the wild in Thailand. The Elephant Reintroduction Foundation was founded in 1996 by HM Queen Sirikit to reintroduce domesticated elephants into the wild, restore wild habitats with indigenous plants and wildlife, research and propagate knowledge about elephants and promote appropriate management of elephants in Thailand for their long-term survival. The initial fund was granted by Prince Philip, WWF International followed by official registration of the Foundation. The Foundation is based in 3 forest Sanctuaries - Doi Pha Muang Wildlife, Kaeng Ka Charn and Mae Wa-Mae Wok National Parks Sanctuary. The total elephants reintroduced by the foundation is 84 until 2012. The elephants are acquired either through donation or purchase of captive elephants and reintroduced to protected forest habitat to live as wild elephants.

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