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Dr. Vibha Dhawan, TERI, India

For almost three decades now, Dr Vibha Dhawan has been actively working with tree tissue culture. She has not only developed the technique of in-vitro nodulation for the leguminous tree but also been instrumental in setting up the modern tissue culture laboratory at TERI, where she has worked since 1985. She plays an active role in policy development both at the state and national levels and is a task force member for a number of committees of the Department of Biotechnology. Apart from being an executive council member of five prestigious academic institutions, she also acts as an Advisor, Bio-resources & Biotechnology to the Chief Minister of Assam. Dr Dhawan’s contribution is well recognized and has won several accolades. In 1998, she won the AIBA award in the category of an Individual Scientist and the Kamal Kumari Foundation award for Science and Technology. In 2000, she won the First Biotech Product & Process Development and Commercialization Award from the Government of India, Department of Biotechnology. Dr Dhawan also has over 60 publications to her name. Currently, she is spearheading the research for algal biotechnology at TERI.

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