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Bittu Sahgal, Founder, Sanctuary Nature Foundation, India

An environmental activist, writer, and the founder of Sanctuary Nation Foundation, Bittu Sahgal has been dedicated towards the environment conservation cause for over three decades now. His organization, an Indian non-profit, works on environmental policies, advocacy, on-ground support, and habitat management. He is also the founding editor of Sanctuary Asia, a magazine that addresses wildlife and ecological issues of today. In the year 2017, Sahgal initiated the Mud on Boots project in an effort to empower grassroots conservationists in India who often find it challenging to expand work because of limited funds, language barrier, restricted access to technologies and geographical remoteness. The same year, he also started a separate awards event for wildlife photography to promote awareness and conservation of nature and wildlife. Bittu Sahgal has been a part of several government and non-government bodies and with his vast repository of knowledge, launched COCOON, or a Community Owned Community Operated Nature Conservancy that restores and protects wilderness in areas that are outside India’s Protective Area Network and helps improve the lives of people living in those lands through alternate sources of income like ecotourism. He has authored several publications like The Sundarbans Inheritance, The Kaziranga Inheritance, and India Naturally and has also produced over 30 documentaries on ecological conservation.

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