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Bahar Dutt

Bahar Dutt is an Indian television journalist and environmental editor and columnist for CNN-IBN. Dutt is a wildlife conservationist by training. Before turning to journalism, Dutt worked on her own conservation projects. She spent seven years with the Bahelias, or snake charmers, across Haryana and Rajasthan in northern India. India's Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 made wild animals public property, which made the snake charmers' practice of catching snakes and training them illegal. Dutt worked with them to combine their knowledge of snakes and musical abilities into public performances and education without the use of snakes. In that project, she merged wildlife conservation and heritage preservation. Her work with the snake charmers was featured in media. She was hired in 2005 to be an environmental journalist by Rajdeep Sardesai. For CNN-IBN she is the Environment Editor, she has done undercover investigations, news reports. Her reportage has influenced policy and led to the stoppage of many illegal projects coming up on wetlands and forests. Bahar recently released her book, Green Wars. The book draws on Dutt's experience as a conservationist to look at how the tension between a modernising economy and saving the planet can be resolved.

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