Bless the Water on 19th March for World Water Day

Let’s Remember ALL Water is Sacred

Join us as we come together to Bless The Water around the World and take the first step towards cleaning and restoring the world's water.

On the Equinox, Saturday March 19th at 5pm Pacific, we will join together in a Synchronized Meditation and Water Blessing all around the world. Join us!

Visit http://blessthewater.com/ for more details.

How The Federal Government Botched Flint's Water Crisis

The federal government was already deeply involved. It took the efforts of private citizens to expose the threat to public health, as it had in Washington, D.C., when that city suffered a major water lead crisis a decade ago.

Dalai Lama says climate change destroying Tibet's "roof of the world"

Tibet's exiled leaders, including the Dalai Lama, said on Tuesday two-thirds of the glaciers in their mountain homeland may disappear by 2050 because of climate change and demanded a stake in international climate talks later this year.

Low-cost tools to solve large-scale water problem

Climate change and the overuse of water in agriculture means water scarcity poses a growing threat to farmers, households and industry in Vietnam. 

Naturenomics Series Volume 5.0 Review by Prof Arup Kumar Sarma

Review of the Book: Reflections on Managing Water: Earth Greatest Water Resources

Introduction of Water Book, Oxford Book Stall, Kolkata - 22nd August 2015

By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in regions or countries with absolute water scarcity. Already 1.2 billion are living in physical water scarcity. Given the trans-boundary nature of water resources, this has implications for world peace and equitable socioeconomic development. Reflections on Managing Water collects various views on water and its management.

Introduction of Water Book, Assam Administrative College, Guwahati - 23rd April 2015

India, known for its water resources, traditional systems of water conservation, supply management, reverence and celebration of water is unfortunately suffering from misuse of water.

Introducing Naturenomics 5.0 Water, New Delhi

As aspirations rise, so will the demand for water. In a situation where the gap between demand and availability is rapidly widening the question is: Where will the water come from? This was a major issue discussed in the inaugural session of the Global Conference on ‘Securing Food for All – Critical Need for Coherence in Policies and Actions’ organised by the Club of Rome – Indian National Association.


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