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Balipara Foundation Impact Report 2018

Balipara Foundation Impact Report 2018

A tremendous year making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people, the communities that we serve and our majestic biodiversity, which remains as the cornerstone of the Foundation’s enduring commitment towards the Rural Futures in the Eastern Himalayas

Highlights of Balipara Foundation 2018

2018 has been a step ahead towards the 11 th year of Balipara Foundation. With great honour and delight, Balipara Foundation takes the opportunity to share an overview

Social - Environmental - Economic Interdependence

NaturenomicsTM School to collaborate with Earth University, Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation Farm in Doon Valley for Curriculum Development and Exchange Education programmes

Cover Story - Defenders of the Planet

We meet some green heroes in the Northeast who have dedicated their lives to conservation of nature and wildlife.

The Himalayan Booklet

With a goal to make the communities in the Eastern Himalayan region the steward of the conservation agenda by creating economic and social mobility.

Balipara Foundation Advisory Council Report

The agenda and purpose of the Advisory Council Meeting has been to collectively discuss the most contentious issues that may have been addressed at the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics TM Forum and that could possibly bring about partnerships or collaborations regarding the vision of Balipara Foundation by 2050.


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