Capsicum Sonitpurensis (Solanaceae) - A new species from Assam, India

A new species Capsicum sonitpurensis (Solanaceae) is proposed from Sonitpur district of Assam. It resembles Capsicum chinense and C. annum but has many contrasting characters from each other. The description, photographs and IUCN conservation status of the species are provided.

Balipara Foundation Awards 2017 - Winners Case Study

Balipara Foundation Awards 2017 - Winners Case Study

Since 2013, Balipara Foundation has highlighted and invested in the efforts of societal entrepreneurs who are working tirelessly to create social, economic and environmental impact in protecting the essential natural resources and restoring the beauty of the Eastern Himalayas. Through the Balipara Foundation Awards, we award, reward and recognize these extraordinary visionaries of the Eastern Himalayas and their indomitable contribution.


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