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Indira Gandhi, the First Prime Minister of Nature

Former Environment Minister Shri Jairam Rames talks about the iron lady’s commitment & zeal towards nature

Former Environment Minister Shri Jairam Rames talks about the iron lady’s commitment & zeal towards nature

Guwahati: Former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi has been viewed as an iron lady with a dynamic political legacy. While much has been written about, acknowledged, and applauded about on her political conquests, there is a lesser known fact about her passion and love for nature.

My first good photograph of a wild tiger

May 1971 was exceedingly hot in the plains of Tamil Nadu and some of us were holidaying in a cardamom estate in the Kalakad hills (now part of Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve), nearly at the southern end of the Western Ghats. It turned out to be the turning point in my life as I met Mr. J.C. Daniel of the Bombay Natural History Society and Mr. Romulus Whitaker from the Madras Snake Park. They had come to these hills on a wildlife survey. Mr. Daniel, on learning that I was a post-graduate in Zoology and was teaching in a college, encouraged me to take up wildlife studies. 

Reinventing prosperity

Reinventing prosperity

The biggest challenges facing the rich world today are persistent unemployment, widening income inequality, and accelerating climate change. Until now, most of the solutions to these problems have been politically unacceptable, in a world marked by short-termism and a desire for continuous economic growth. 

Inside the Green Economy - Promises and Pitfalls

BERLIN – In recent years, the push to build a “green economy” that can deliver the world from continual environmental and economic crisis and usher in a new era of sustainable growth has been gathering force. But the push has been a source of unexpected controversy, with many predicting little more than business as usual with a coat of green paint. Will reconciling environmental and economic imperatives be harder than we think?

First book on mammals out

Three decades of untiring and painstaking efforts of studying mammals has finally borne fruit. Wildlife conservationist Anwaruddin Choudhury has come out with a first-of-its-kind comprehensive book about mammals of India.

The book, Mammals of India, published by Balipara Foundation and released here today, is a major definitive work on the mammals of the country, where all the species have been mapped in colour with exhaustive details. The book has listed 430 species of mammals in the country.


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