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First Workshop Ecotourism for Visitors from Baligaon Mishing Village

Visitors from Baligaon Mishing Village



  •   Presentation on Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark by Sangita Deka.

  •   Presentation on birds and butterfly identification techniques and their importance in ecotourism by Manu Saikia

  •   Discussion on scopes of ecotourism by Pinaki, Manu and Sangita with the community members.

Recommenced Waste Management Project - First Workshop

Recommenced Waste Management Project

On the 2nd day of this month at 10.00am, we have successfully re-started the Waste Management Project at Wild Mahseer. The workshop was organized to train the staff and consultants at Wild Mahseer including the Eastern Himalaya Botanic Ark. Naturenomics™ lead, Mr. Gautam Baruah and Manu Saikia explained the process of managing waste developed from the respective bungalows and rest of the area. They were supported in their endeavour by the Wild Mahseer consultants. The whole process has started with a new enthusiasm with the aim of maintaining the process regularly by all members of the campus.. They were also told about the relationship of good health and hygiene to waste management.

Thank you for helping preserve traditional tea making

In this campaign the aim was to raise awareness for traditional, small-scale tea making and share the story of an inspiring tea farmer, along with an exclusive batch of tea from his new, certified organic farm.

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