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Case Study: Forest Guard Zakhuma Don, Mizoram

Forest Guard Zakhuma Don, Mizoram - The Forest Guard Award

Our third recipient of The Forest Rangers and Guards of the Eastern Himalayas was Forest Guard Zakhuma Don from Mizoram for his relentless anti-poaching patrols and for leveraging technology and innovation to create a rich repository of natural history in audio-visual. The Award was presented by S.K. Dutta


BIOCONE receiving the Green Guru Award in 2015

Since 2010, the year of its inception, Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE) NGO, has been growing in the eld of nature conservation in Mizoram. The organization is working towards raising awareness among local communities regarding the importance of biodiversity and ecological balance in India, specically focusing Mizoram. The organization is also involved in wildlife documentation and exploration of Northeast India, particularly in Mizoram.

Case Study: NIMESH VED

Nimesh Ved receiving the Green Guru Award in 2015

Nimesh Ved leads the Samrakshan, a Non-prot organization that has been working towards conservation education and capacity building in North-east India for more than a decade. Previously, Nimesh was working independently in programs involving conservation issues in remote location of Central and Northeast India. Then after specically focusing on working in the State of Mizoram, he designed, implemented and documented a conservation education- based program which was community- centric and also sensitive to their cultural values.

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