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Banks may chip in to help India increase its forest cover

Banks may chip in to help India increase its forest cover

If the environment ministry has its way, all banks will be asked to join the state and the central governments in their ongoing efforts to increase forest cover in the country. The move will be part of one of the 10 ways, identified by the Centre, to reach India's key climate goal.

Young Naturalist Award for Sikkim Designer Omi Gurung

Young Naturalist Award for Sikkim Designer Omi Gurung

Sikkim fashion designer Omi Gurung, received the Young Naturalist Award 2016. The award was conferred to him for his contribution towards, sustainable development and creating green eco-friendly fashion. The award was presented at the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics Forum 2016 hosted by the 4th Balipara Foundation.

Eastern Himalayan Naturnomics™ Forum 2016

photo from the captive breeding session of Eastern Himalayan Naturnomics™ Forum 2016

Knowledge is not confined to books or academia alone – one can learn from years of observation and experience too. Three local Botanists from Balipara, Assam, whose great knowledge of Botany was gained through decades of practical experience and not through formal education, bear testimony to this fact.

Lessons to be learnt from Emperor Ashoka and Kautilya Asian Elephant Secretariat launched today

The two day Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics Forum organised by the Balipara Foundation had started on 8th November in the College of Veterinary Science at Khanapara wherein discussions, presentations and plenary sessions were held behind the backdrop of the critical biodiversity the Eastern Himalayas. The College of Veterinary Sessions was moderated by Dr. R. N. Goswami, Dean, College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University and in his welcome address Dr. Goswami stressed on habitat protection over specific species protection and laid concern in the lack of veterinary experts in forest department. Mr Ranjit Barthakur, Founder Trustee, Baliapra Foundation and the Architect of Naturenomics Model in his address highlighted the primary aims and objectives of the forum – nurturing the biodiversity of the Eastern Himalayas of which Notrth Eastern region is a major part and honouring the eco-champions of the year.

Nepal drains dangerous glacial lake near Mount Everest

Nepal has successfully drained part of a giant glacial lake near Mount Everest, averting risk of a disastrous flood that could have threatened thousands of lives, officials said on Monday. Scientists say climate change is causing Himalayan glaciers to melt at an alarming rate, creating huge glacial lakes which could burst their banks and devastate mountain communities. Imja Tsho, located at an altitude of 5,010 metres (16,437 feet), just 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) south of the world's highest peak, is the fastest-growing glacial lake in Nepal. 

TBI Blogs: From Bokakhat to Brooklyn, How Bags Made by Assamese Artisans Are Finding Takers in the US

Women have got basic training in cutting and stitching.

Women in Bokakhat, Assam are teaming up with American designer, Kristine Gottilla to take traditional Assamese arts and crafts to a global audience. This is also helping ensure their economic empowerment. Anjumoni Doley, 20, and Ritumala Singh, slightly older, from Bokakhat, close to the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, were two women living on the margins. They needed to contribute to the household income so that their siblings could go to school and so that there would always food on the table. Both had dropped out of school and college, respectively, to support their families. 

Phalong Village in Manipur declared as Amur Falcon Village

Phalong Village in Manipur declared as Amur Falcon Village

Phalong village, Tamenglong, in Manipur has been officially declared as an Amur Falcon Village by the government of Manipur on 26th November 2015, after acknowledging the villagers efforts to conserve the bird species.

2016: Hottest Year Yet?

2016: Hottest Year Yet?

Gulf countries in July faced record-breaking temperatures that went beyond 50ᵒc (Highest recorded - 54ᵒc in Kuwait, this year). Climate scientists and U.N. officials warn that this may directly threaten living conditions for residents in these countries and also aggravate the existing refugee crisis. All-time records were broken in United States as well, where some cities reported to it being the ‘Hottest July’ and also the ‘Hottest Month’ in history. Water scarcity and heat-oriented health issues are bound to increase in the future as well.


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