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UTTAM TERON Recipient of Green Guru Awards , 2013 - Assam

Born out of a humble household, son of a train driver and a homemaker mother, Uttam Teron belongs to a hamlet called Pamohi, 12 kilometers away from Guwahati. A member of the Karbi tribal community of Assam, Teron was fortunate enough to get educated at Cotton College and Arya Vidyapeeth College in Guwahati. Post the completion of his education, after returning home, Teron noticed that very few children from his village went to schools. There were multiple social, geographic and economic factors that restricted the children from getting educated.


Dr. Anwaruddin, releasing the book on 'Mammals of India', in collaboration with Balipara Foundation

Dr. Anwaruddin Choudhury is an ornithologist, mammologist, artist, civil servant, photographer and an author of several books on wildlife, notably known for writing a book on ‘Mammals of India’ in 2016. Dr. Choudhury received his Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Geography from B. Borooah College, Guwahati in 1981. He then went on to Guwahati University to obtain his Master of Arts Degree in Geography in 1985. He obtained his Ph.D.


Gautam Uzir at the Seminar on Conservation of Nature: Role of Lawyers, organized by Aaranyak NGO

Gautam Uzir is a practicing lawyer at the Guwahati High Court since 1984. He is also a highly regarded and eminent lawyer in Assam, well-versed in several branches of the discipline of law. He is renowned for his accomplishments regarding public interest litigations in the eld of environment, forest and wildlife cases. He is also a regular guest lecturer at the Assam Forest School situated at Jalukbari (Assam) and Central Academy for State Forest Service, Byrnihat, Assam. He is also a member of State board of Wildlife, Assam.


Rupjyoti Saikia Gogoi receiving the NaturenomicsTM Award in 2015

Assam’s handloom and textile products are world-renowned for their patterns, designs and authentic hand-made fabrics, especially known for supporting the women from the state. A majority of rural women from Assam depend on it for their livelihood. It was a general practice for women in Assam to pass on the handloom weaving skills to their children with every new generation. Rupjyoti Saikia Gogoi was one such woman who was taught the art of weaving from her mother in Assam.

Send your monkeys, take our elephants: Nagaland’s offer puts Himachal in fix

The wildlife wing of Himachal had last month sought the help of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland to ease the problem the 2.07 lakh monkeys pose to its residents and farmlands. (Ilustration by Daljeet Kaur Sandhu)

Himachal Pradesh’s proposal to relocate thousands of simians to three Northeastern states for mitigating its worsening monkey menace has hit an elephantine obstacle with Nagaland offering pachyderms in exchange The wildlife wing of Himachal had last month sought the help of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland to ease the problem the 2.07 lakh monkeys pose to its residents and farmlands. Principal secretary Tarun Kapoor even held meetings with his counterparts recently.


 ARINDAM DASGUPTA receiving the NaturenomicsTM Award in 2014

Arindam Dasgupta, a graduate from the Institute of Rural Management (Anand) Gujarat, was working as an ocer with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) in Guwahati back in 2005, where he decided to venture into the manufacturing of environment- friendly disposable dinnerware. He always had the dream of beginning a community- based startup for rural India and so he quit his job in EDII and joined a non-governmental organization called ‘Dhriti’, to promote areca nut sheaths and to work on the lines of community welfare.


Neihunuo receiving the NaturenomicsTM Award in 2014

Neihunuo Sorhie comes from a simple and modest family upbringing. Her father Lt. Duopie-o Sorhie, died when she was very young. She ha¬s two brothers Vozilie and Akhrie-o in the family, for whom she would weave shawls since her young age. Her mother taught her how to weave and by the age of six she was able to weave clothes herself. The weaving was a part of her childhood and culture, and eventually it transcended to being her passion in life.


Achintya Kumar Sinha receiving the Annual Balipara Foundation Award from Wildlife Conservationist Vivek Menon in 2015

Belonging to Tripura, Achintya has a long list of accomplishments in the eld of sustainable natural resource management where he has intensively worked with rural communities in creating livelihood opportunities. His biggest contribution to Tripura, its local communities and forests has been the initiation of the 1st Joint Forest Management (JFM) of Tripura. Achitya graduated in Physics from Calcutta University in 1970 and he was also an associate of Indian Forest College (AIFC), Dehradun in the year 1975.


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