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Neelam Dutta (right) receiving the prestigious Haladhar Organic Farmer Award, 2014 from the Union Agriculture Minister

Lakshmi Agriculture Multipurpose Project (LAMP) is a composite farm established way back in 1978-79 by late Dr. Hemen Dutta. It is situated in the village of Pabhoi in Sonitpur district of Assam covering around 12 hectares of land. Various farming activities like scientic sheries, sh seed eco-hatchery and indigenous breeding of local sh varieties as well as ornamental shes, takes place at LAMP. Neelam Dutta, the proprietor of LAMP, works on the motive of increasing productivity, availability and aordability of agricultural products.

Poverty endangers the Hilsa in Bangladesh

A fisherman’s wife on the doorstep on poverty in Bangladesh [image by Zobaidur Rahman

Selim Miah went to the Meghna river to catch fish with his father when he was nine years old. Now, 41 years later, he is still fighting to make ends meet.

“We are struggling to find food to survive; not just for a few days or nights, we struggle day after day. Being a fisherman is a curse!” Selim Miah told thethirdpole.net.

City Votes For Dolphin

M. Angamuthu unveils a dolphin’s portrait in Guwahati

The Gangetic river dolphin today emerged as the people's choice for "city animal of Guwahati" over the greater adjutant stork (hargila) and black soft shell turtle.

Guwahati also became the first city to have its own animal.

The Kamrup (metro) district administration, in collaboration with a city-based NGO, Help Earth, had put up the three animals for selection through voting, which ended last night.

Saving the golden mahaseer in Bhutan

The golden mahaseer is one of the largest fish found in South Asia’s rivers

As hydroelectric dams impact the migratory routes of the golden mahaseer, Bhutan looks to protect the iconic fish

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