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 DHARMISTHA MEDHI DAS receiving the Special Forest Guard Awards, 2015 - Assam

Posted in the Bonda Forest Camp under the Guwahati Wildlife Division, Dharmistha is a sincere and brave forest guard. She is particularly well known for her dedication towards wildlife, and is also a part of the impressive lineup of Kaziranga’s forest patrolling personnel. She has displayed tremendous leadership qualities and presence of mind during her patrolling duties. Her contribution to the wildlife of Bonda area is indispensable.


NAMITA KALITA Recipient of Special Forest Guard Awards, 2015 - Assam

Posted at Ghorakati Range under Kaziranga National Park, Namita has been instrumental in resolving various dicult situations arising within the park. Her passion and dedication for wildlife has led to her taking immense initiative in her work. She is also known to have great leadership qualities; one of the examples of her exemplary work was during the oods that hit Kaziranga in 2014, wherein she tirelessly engaged in rescue operations of wild animals.


KIRON RABHA receiving the Mark Shand Mahout Awards, 2014 - Assam

Born in a family with a strong lineage of mahouts, Kiron was born with an inherent understanding of the gentle giants. His family has always had the legacy of capturing wild elephants. His upbringing was in an environment wherein he was fortunate enough to learn about all tricks regarding the mela shikar, traditional medicines and training of wild elephants. Kiron joined the forest department as a grass cutter in 1990, but was later promoted as a mahout in 1999.

Case Study: SUKLA DAS

SUKLA DAS  Recipient of Mark Shand Mahout Awards, 2014 - Assam

Born and brought up in Patosali village in Balipara Reserve Forest, Sukla is an extraordinary individual and mahout with immense traditional knowledge about nature, wildlife and communities. Sukla is known for his forest stories and is also considered an expert boatman, guide and naturalist. He is very well informed regarding the whereabouts on every nook and corner of Nameri National Park.


BHUMIDHAR DEKA  Recipient of Mark Shand Mahout Awards, 2014 - Assam

Bhumidhar is a skilled forest worker who has been serving as a mahout in Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary since 2011. Deka is an expert in Rhino behavior, and he begun working in Pabitora in 1993. During which he recovered three rhino horns from the sanctuary premises and handed them over to the forest department. Since 1993, Deka has been responsible in the bringing back multiple straying rhinos that may have wandered outside protected areas. He also has a strong rapport with the local community members near Pabitora.


DR. KASHMIRA KAKATI receiving the Ecological Restoration Awards, 2014 - Assam

Born and brought up in Assam, Dr. Kashmira Kakati is a Wildlife Biologist working towards safeguarding a patch of 500 km² of rainforest in Jeypore-Dehing lowlands which includes Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam. She completed her post-graduation from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra Dun and her doctoral studies from Cambridge University on ‘The Impact of Forest Fragmentation on Hoolock Gibbons in Assam’. Kashmira then took a break between 2002 and 2007 to raise her family with fellow Elephant Biologist Husband, Dr. Christy Williams.


JADHAV PAYENG receiving the Ecological Restoration Awards, 2013 - Assam

Jadhav ‘Mulai’ Payeng belongs to the ‘Mishing’ tribe (one of the largest ethnic groups of Assam). He used to live in the forest ‘Mulai Kathoni’ at Aruna Chapori, with his wife and three children where his only source of income was selling milk. (He recently moved to his ancestral village in Jorhat District for the sake of his children’s education). ‘Mulai Kathoni’ - the name of the forest was given by the Government of Assam, and it is called rightly as he was the one who helped in creating it.


APARAJITA DATTA Recipient of Wildlife Conservation Awards, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh

The driving force behind Aparajita’s eorts towards wildlife conservation and community development are the Lisu people itself, who have inhabited and lived in the lands long before any ‘National Park’ or ‘Tiger Reserve’ was created.


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