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Asian Elephants and Religions

The Asian elephant appears in various religious traditions and mythologies. They are treated positively and are sometimes revered as deities, often symbolising strength and wisdom. Similarly, the African elephant is seen as the wise chief who impartially settles disputes among the forest creatures in African fables, and the Ashanti tradition holds that they are human chiefs from the past.

Man and Elephant working Together!

The relationship between humans and elephants has had its ups and downs.

17th century the Moghul Emperor Jehangir:
In past centuries, the forests of India literally teemed with elephants. Although no census or estimates of the wild population exist, it is said that in the early 17th century the Moghul Emperor Jehangir had 113,000 captive elephants throughout his empire. Extrapolating from this figure, it is easy to imagine a wild population comfortably in excess of a million.

The Wild side of Elephants:

Elephants Show Cooperation on Test

 Elephants Show Cooperation on Test
Elephants Show Cooperation on Test

An experiment reveals that elephants not only cooperate, but that they understand the logic behind teamwork. Jorge Ribas reports on the findings.

In the test, two animals had to work together - each pulling on a rope in order to tug a platform towards them. Scientists claim that elephants' understanding of the need to co-operate shows that they belong in an "elite group" of intelligent, socially complex animals.

Asian wildlife traders harness social media: conservationists AFP

Growing numbers of animal traders are using closed groups on Facebook and password-protected online forums to reach Asian customers.

Asian Elephant - Threats and Mitigation

Encyclopedia for Asian Elephant Series 5 - Here we address the most pressing issues regarding the threats that asian elephant faces and we attempt to compile various work of the experts that are trying to resolve some of these threats.

Asian Elephant - Man : Elephant Relations

Encyclopedia for Asian Elephant Series 4 - Compiles the relation of man with elephant and how it has changed over history - be it culture, religion, war, entertainment, or just work.

Asian Elephants - Stages of Reproduction

Female Asian elephants bear a single calf (usually) after a gestation of more than a year and a half (18 to 22 months). Their estrus cycle is about 22 days, out of which they are receptive to copulation on only one day, the first day of estrus.

Asian Elephant - Ecology of a Social animal

Asian elephants are very social animals. They live in family groups consisting of related females and their offspring that are led by the oldest female, the ‘matriarch’. The social bond between group members is very strong, and co-operative behaviour is common, particularly in the protection and guidance of the young.


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