Eastern Himalayas

Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum 2019

Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum 2019

The future with communities, livelihoods, nature-centred economy, biodiversity, education and natural resources is Rural Futures and thereby, an equitable and just future. Rural Futures is Balipara Foundation’s flagship framework aimed at demonstrating that a Naturenomics™ driven economy is both viable and suitable for communities in the long run.

Pakke Paga Festival 2019

Over the years of our conservation efforts in the Eastern Himalayas, we have realised that Conservation initiatives will succeed long- term in the mission of conserving the biodiversity only when there is a broader and deeper engagement with the communities. Our Communities are our future.

The League of Extraordinary Individuals at BFA 2017

The power to make a difference lies within us all. Nothing could demonstrate this fact more clearly than the recipients of this year’s Balipara Foundation Awards – ordinary men and women with extraordinary achievements.

Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum 2017

Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum 2017 Photo Credit: Jeevan, Courtsey Pixabay

The distinctive richness of the Eastern Himalayas can be attributed to its colorful biodiversity, numerous niche ecosystems, and vibrant communities. Understanding the dynamics, structure, and functioning of these systems adds an enormous complexity to not only their conservation and restoration, but also in engaging stakeholders and finding innovative long-term solutions.


Leverage Nature Capital and forest capital in Balipara County to develop Universal Basic Assets

BFA 2018: Lifetime Service Awardee- Usha Lachungpa

BFA 2018: Lifetime Service Awardee- Usha Lachungpa
BFA 2018: Lifetime Service Awardee- Usha Lachungpa

BFA 2018: Lifetime Service Awardee- Usha Lachungpa

Pakke Paga Hornbill Festival

Pakke Paga Hornbill  Festival

The Pakke Page Hornbill Festival is the state festival of the Arunachal Pradesh, a region in the Northeast of India. The festival is held every year in support of wildlife and nature conservation, specifically hornbill conservation and takes place over three days. During this time local tribes and communities set up stalls selling traditional food, dress and hand carved ornaments. In addition to this, activities are held all throughout the day and traditional dances and performances take place on the main stage. 

Social - Environmental - Economic Interdependence

NaturenomicsTM School to collaborate with Earth University, Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation Farm in Doon Valley for Curriculum Development and Exchange Education programmes


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