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The League of Extraordinary Individuals at BFA 2017

The power to make a difference lies within us all. Nothing could demonstrate this fact more clearly than the recipients of this year’s Balipara Foundation Awards – ordinary men and women with extraordinary achievements.

Usha Lachungpa

The first Indian lady to do a Wildlife and Research Management course, Lifetime Service Awardee, Usha Lachungpa is a Green Crusader carrying forward the bio-cultural heritage of the Eastern Himalays through knowledge and awareness. The Award was presented by Diana Owen

Dimbeshwar Rabha

Dimbeshwar Rabha is accorded the Food for the Future Award for his innovative idea of growing black pepper as an alternate source of livelihood through “Small Farm Integration for Sustainable Agriculture and improved access to market” project. The Award was presented by Jackie Leitch

Mehdi Arif Hussain

Special Award- Agricultural Revolution in Balipara County - Mehdi Arif Hussain. The Award was presented by Dr. Kalpana Sarathy, Prof Tata Institute of Social Sciences 

Dr. Anshu Jamsenpa

Mountaineer and Himalayan lover, Dr. Anshu Jamsenpa, our Special Awardee Eastern Himalayan Global Environmental Ambassador, is the only woman in the world to ascend Mt. Everest twice in 5 days. The Award is presented by Dr. K. K. Sarma

High-Altitude Training Centre

Special Awardee Eastern Himalayan Sports Development Award, High-Altitude Training Centre provides grassroots training to the youth of Mizoram and ample green space. The Award was presented by Roopa Barua

The three Generation boatmen

Custodians of the river pathway to Bhutan’s magical forest land of Manas National Park, the three Generation boatmen – Purshoram Choudary, Shankar Choudary, Raj Kumar Choudary, Lokhan Choudary are the Cross-Country Preservation of the Eastern Himalayan Awardees. The Award is presented by Deitrich Schmidt Vogt, Dr. Paramananda Rajbongshi, Ranjit Barthakur and Richard Leitch. 

Narmohan Das

Naturenomics™ Awardee Narmohan Das has pushed the boundaries of sustainability by propagating the production of Ahimsa Silk and creating a circular economy within the silk industry. The Award was presented by Haiya Zhang


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