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Biodiversity Conservation Coordination Meeting, Jun - 2016

Biodiversity Conservation Coordination Meeting, Jun - 2016, Assam

Biodiversity Conservation Coordination meeting held on Transboundary Manas Conservation Area (TraMCA) on 21st and 22nd Jun-2016 at IIBM, Khanapara Guwahati.

Organised by Aranyak, WWF and Govt of Bhutan and BTC, Assam.

Wildlife Migration from Kaziranga to Karbi Anglong Increasing

With migration of wildlife from Kaziranga National Park to the Karbi Anglong forests beyond its southern boundary showing an increasing trend, conservationists have stressed the need for a long-term safety mechanism for the animals.

Threats to Wild Elephants

No room to roam:

The greatest threat to wild Asian elephants is habitat loss and fragmentation. Throughout the tropics, humans have cleared large areas of forest and have rapidly populated river valleys and plains. Elephants have been pushed into hilly landscapes and less suitable remnants of forest, but even these less accessible habitats are being assaulted by poachers, loggers, and developers.

Wildlife Occupancy Modeling at Kaziranga Karbi Anglong

Surveying Wildlife Movement through Tea Gardens & other Private Lands

Wildlife Corridors are generally designated as “clearly defined” areas through which wildlife moves from one forest tract to another, in search of food, water, refuge & breeding grounds. . In the Kaziranga Karbi Landscape there are such three well defined corridors- Panbari, Haldibari and Kanchunjuri. But animals are prone to use the entire stretch of 50+ kms highway (NH 37)to cross over from Kaziranga to Karbi Anglong or vice-versa. The Project will conduct a Grid Cell survey of the 250+ sq km area that separates the two landscapes.

Indo Bhutan Transboundary Conservation

Identified areas for Forest Restoration

 The Northeast India and Bhutan border area provides refuge to 40% of the entire Asian elephant population in India and nearly 10% of Asian elephants worldwide. However the survival of this species is under threat due to an expanding human population, and accompanying development and habitat fragmentation.

Elephant corridor: Govt awaits Bangladesh response

An elephant attacks a man in a field in Baghasole village, in West Bengal’s Burdwan district.

The Centre is awaiting a response from the Bangladesh government on the proposed trans-border corridors for smooth movement of elephants to reduce human-animal conflicts, which are evident from recent attacks by two jumbos who strayed from their group in West Bengal, leading to five deaths.

Endangered Asian Elephants

Endangered Asian Elephants
Endangered Asian Elephants

Prof. Raman Sukumar, Elephant Talk 2015

Recommended conversion of areas in tea gardens into forest plantations which will provide passage to elephants, besides promoting tourism.


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