1,08,000 Trees Planted in Honour of Bhutan’s Newborn Prince

In a momentous gesture by the citizens of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 1,08,000 trees were planted on March 6, a month after King Khesar and Queen Jetsun of Bhutan announced the birth of their first child. The reason why precisely 1,08,000 trees were planted is that in Buddhism, “108” is considered a sacred number. Out of the 1,08,000 trees, 82,000 were planted by the households within the country, whereas the remaining 26,000 were planted by volunteers in special plantations in 14 districts.

Parking Lot to Wild Habitat

In 2008 , this 857m2 plot was a parking lot, with just a handful of trees. One fine day a few folks from the Team made a trip to the Balipara Forest Reserve, and randomly collected about 15 species of plants that included creepers & climbers, orchids, herbs, ferns, grasses, a few tree saplings and introduced in this plot.

In six years, left untouched by the human hand, this place has become a small forest of its own.

Read full report given in the attachment.


Prof. Raman Sukumar, Elephant Talk 2015

Recommended conversion of areas in tea gardens into forest plantations which will provide passage to elephants, besides promoting tourism.

Om Prakash Pandey, Elephant Talk 2015

Community participation and acceptance is critical for success in conservation.

Jumbo effort: A village in Assam shifts to make way for elephants

The villagers of Ram Terang exchanged gifts with the wild elephants of Assam this Christmas.

Creating Drivers for Asian Elephant Conservation

Asian Elephants in the Wild Conference, 2015 resolved to secure Trans-boundary Elephant Corridors & strengthen Cross-boundary relationships for the welfare of Asian Elephants.

Turned a barren land into a 1,360-Acre lush green forest

While for most of us, maintaining a small home garden is a herculean task, this man here single-handedly planted and nurtured a whole forest.

Balipara Foundation Awards - 2013

The Balipara Foundation, has been documenting, analyzing and promoting the concept of Naturenomics for over a decade now. It is time that the public at large too is made aware of the connections upon which their own quality of life and security depends. We believe strongly that people who have devoted their lives to the defense of our natural treasures should be honored. That has been the chief motivation in instituting the Balipara Foundation Awards.


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