Bambusetum means a garden having a collection of bamboo plants.

Bamboo Shoots, Herbal Tea & a Love Story: This Organic Retreat in Sikkim Has It All

Almost 20 years ago, when a young Swiss student made her way to the Tibetan Buddhism Centre in San Francisco, little did she know that her life was going to be altered forever. Helen Kamph, then in her mid-twenties, had already spent a year volunteering at SEMCOL in Ladakh while falling in love with India and its many mysteries. Naturally, when she met Topgay Tapaka, a young Sikkimese man at the Centre, they hit it off instantly.

North East India: The unique biodiversity hotspot with rich avifauna

A Great Indian Hornbill at the Nagaland

The North Eastern (NE) region of the India is a biodiversity hotspot and represents one of the highest avian biodiversity of the Indian subcontinent. The region is ecologically represented by the Eastern Himalayan biome and is rich in a number of endemic flora and fauna. Several avian species inhabiting this unique ecosystem are not found or reported anywhere else in the world.

Case Study: Hong Village Community, Ziro Arunachal

Rolf von Bueren from LADV, Thailand presents the Naturenomics Award to Hong Village Community from Zero, Arunachal Pradesh

One of the few people in the world who continue to live in harmony with nature, Hong Village Community’s’ methods of sustainable farming and social forestry is without a parallel anywhere in this world. Settled in Ziro, one of the most beautiful Himalayan valleys in India, the Village Community remains proud of their traditional history while maintaining a balance with the changing world. Built on flat lands, the farms where the community practice wet rice cultivation along with pisciculture, is an epitome of efficiency.


Richard Belho receiving the NaturenomicsTM Award in 2015

Richard Belho, also known as the ‘Bamboo Architect’ runs Zynorique Initiatives, an architecture rm and organization based in Kohima, Nagaland along with Kezhagwetuo Peseyei that constructs eco-friendly structures and also provides training of employable skills to the youth of Nagaland. His architecture rm started in 2002, and it works towards promotion of sustainable construction and implementation of innovative and ecological architectural concepts.


Achintya Kumar Sinha receiving the Annual Balipara Foundation Award from Wildlife Conservationist Vivek Menon in 2015

Belonging to Tripura, Achintya has a long list of accomplishments in the eld of sustainable natural resource management where he has intensively worked with rural communities in creating livelihood opportunities. His biggest contribution to Tripura, its local communities and forests has been the initiation of the 1st Joint Forest Management (JFM) of Tripura. Achitya graduated in Physics from Calcutta University in 1970 and he was also an associate of Indian Forest College (AIFC), Dehradun in the year 1975.

Growth and development of Bambusa balcooa (Bhuluka baah) and Bambusa tulda (Jaati baah) – a field observation

Research Papers on Bamboo Species

The present study was carried out to understand the rate of growth and development of two bamboo species namely Bambusa balcooa (Bhuluka banh) and Bambusa tulda (Jaati banh) cultivated together under same environmental condition. It was recorded that circumferences were only showed significant difference not the shoot number and shoot length of the two species. Keywords Green Gold • Bambusa balcooa • Bambusa tulda


Bamboo dance of Assam Kaziranga National Orchid Park

Bamboo dance of Assam  Kaziranga National Orchid Park
Bamboo dance of Assam Kaziranga National Orchid Park

The traditional Bamboo dance of Assam as demonstrated in Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park, a noble initiative by Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) led by Akhil Gogoi,Please visit this when you plan to see the Rhino in Kaziranga. This is on the way from Kaziranga to Jorhat/Numaligarh.



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