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Arunachal Pradesh

Eastern Himalayan Naturnomics™ Forum 2016

photo from the captive breeding session of Eastern Himalayan Naturnomics™ Forum 2016

Knowledge is not confined to books or academia alone – one can learn from years of observation and experience too. Three local Botanists from Balipara, Assam, whose great knowledge of Botany was gained through decades of practical experience and not through formal education, bear testimony to this fact.

Kameng soars in butterfly count - Nearly one-third in Arunachal: Study

Callerebia annada annada. Picture courtesy: Sanjay Sondhi

 Nearly one-third of butterflies in the country are found in the Kameng Protected Area Complex in Arunachal Pradesh, a five-year extensive study has found.

A butterfly survey (2009-14) carried out by Dehradun-based naturalist Sanjay Sondhi in the Kameng complex in western Arunachal Pradesh has found 421 species, which has now been reported in The Journal of Threatened Taxa.

Wildlife photographers discover new primate species in Arunachal

Photograph by the team of researchers headed by Dr Ranjan Kumar Das, Udayan Borthakur and Dr Dilip Chetry along with the professional bird guide Binanda Hatibarua

GUWAHATI, April 22 - In yet another validation of the North East’s remarkable faunal diversity, a group of wildlife photographers and biologists has discovered in Arunachal Pradesh a species of primate new to India.

The white-cheeked macaque (Macaca leucogenys), which was spotted and photographed in Anjaw district in the eastern corner Arunachal Pradesh is, in fact, a species new to science. It was first reported by Dr Li Cheng and his group from Modog in south-eastern Tibet in China in 2015.

Hornbill Nest Adoption Program

Today, we take you to the North- East part of the country, where the community that once hunted, has become a fierce protector of the wild. Come celebrate the spirit of not only co-existence but a change of heart with us.

Readers are welcome to share any experience they may have of the community or of the East of our country.

When a community adopts: The story of Hornbills

History amid natural beauty: Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh has a culture of its own

By Rajesh Dutt

Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is one of those fabulous destinations, which is fascinating for any tourist but rarely finds its way to their checklist. This hilly destination is surrounded by beautiful glacial lakes in and around the valley with crystal clear blue waters. Encircled by lofty and magnificent mountains, Tawang is a feast for the eyes.


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