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Obituary: Brij Mohan Khaitan

Brij Mohan Khaitan(14th August 1927 – 1st June 2019)

(14th August 1927 – 1st June 2019)

The Evergreen Tea Man of India

The Chairman Emeritus of Williamson Magor Group

The humble leader of a sprawling business empire ranging from tea to education and social welfare

The Winner of Balipara Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award

Elephas Maximus vs Homo Sapien

Dr. Khyne U Mar, John Roberts and Belinda Stewart Cox share their thoughts on captive elephants at EHNF

The history of the world is replete with names of illustrious members of the Asian Elephant or Elephas Maximus family such as -


Gautam Uzir at the Seminar on Conservation of Nature: Role of Lawyers, organized by Aaranyak NGO

Gautam Uzir is a practicing lawyer at the Guwahati High Court since 1984. He is also a highly regarded and eminent lawyer in Assam, well-versed in several branches of the discipline of law. He is renowned for his accomplishments regarding public interest litigations in the eld of environment, forest and wildlife cases. He is also a regular guest lecturer at the Assam Forest School situated at Jalukbari (Assam) and Central Academy for State Forest Service, Byrnihat, Assam. He is also a member of State board of Wildlife, Assam.

The studbook of timber elephants of Myanmar with special reference to survivorship analysis - Khyne U Mar

The purpose of the demographic analyses in this study was to calculate the basic life tables to determine the effects of the long-term captivity of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus), which are utilized extensively as draught animals, on survival, fecundity and viability. The studbook data were collected from the elephant log books and the annual reports of the Extraction Department, Myanma Timber Enterprise of the Union of Myanmar. We had access to a near-total of the records (n (9600) of elephants captured or born after the year 1875, including 3 070 calving records. It was documented that 32.5 percent of calves born in captivity failed to reach the age of five years. Life table analysis revealed that most mortality occurred before the age of five. Survivorship analysis of adults and sub-adults (more than five years) showed that wild caught elephants and female elephants had significantly higher survival rates (P <0.001) than captive born and male elephants, respectively. A similar analysis was conducted for calves (under five years) and comparisons were made between dam origins and sex. It was revealed that calves born from wild caught (WC) dams had higher survival rates than those born from captive born (CB) dams (P <0.001), while survivorship and sex showed no correlation.

Elephants rival us when it comes to emotions.

Elephants are capable of complex thought and deep feeling that may rival us

Elephants, the largest land animals on the planet, are among the most exuberantly expressive of creatures. Joy, anger, grief, compassion, love; the finest emotions reside within these hulking masses. Through years of research, scientists have found that elephants are capable of complex thought and deep feeling. In fact, the emotional attachment elephants form toward family members may rival our own.

These baby Elephants will melt your Heart!

Credit for article: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Amdavadis4Ever/conversations/message...

Baby animals are so cute and fun to look at, but there is one 'baby' that weighs more than most adult humans, has almost no fur to speak of and loves the mud, and despite these facts, the baby elephant is definitely one of the cutest of all baby animals!

This post is all about these 'little' guys with great photos and also some fascinating information about the biggest land mammal.

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