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Registraion EHNF 2019

Registration Details


International Payment is under development - at the moment it is by Cash only

Date(s) Contribution (in INR) Participate
5 th November (All Sessions & Lunch) ₹4,500.00
5 th & 6 th November (Includes All Sessions & Lunch) ₹5,500.00
5 th & 6 th November (All Sessions, Citations & Gala Dinner) ₹7,500.00


By Invitation Only
Limited number of participation is open through special contribution
*100% of all funds raised will be used in our projects for the preservation & conservation of our Ecological Civilisation


For Registrations, please contact

Karishma Ahmed
E: ehnf@baliparafoundation.com


1. Name of your organization
2. Number of participants attending and representing your organization
3. Contact details (Phone & e-mail) of each participant
4. Organization Website & Social Media handles

For Nomination of Awards please download the nomination form and email the filled copy to

Karishma Ahmed
E: ehnf@baliparafoundation.com


For Invitations and Accommodation details, please contact

Karishma Ahmed
E: ehnf@baliparafoundation.com / karishma.ahmed@baliparafoundation.com

Jyotirmoy Barpujari
E: jyotirmoy.barpujari@baliparafoundation.com


The Future Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum

3rd & 4th November 2020
Guwahati, Assam, India

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