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Pakke Paga Festival & Naturenomics ™ collaborate to create Awareness on Hornbill Conservation

Pakke Paga Festival & Naturenomics ™ collaborate to create Awareness on Hornbill Conservation

Pakke Paga Festival is the only Wildlife based Conservation festival celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh encompassing both the states of Arunachal & Assam. Pakke has a dark history of poaching, logging,hunting for Wildlife Trophy and butchering of Hornbills for meat, feathers and impressive beaks but with the support from the Arunachal Wildlife & Nature Foundation, the Nyishi tribe, one of the principal inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh, have transformed the Reserve into a safe haven for Wildlife & Hornbills. The tribe’s conservation efforts is not only limited to banning hunting of hornbills but also to protecting their nest in the Reserve forest outside the Community. This has made the Reserve a prominent Hornbill watching and study spot and is also adding a cultural value to the identity of the Nyishi tribe.

Naturenomics ™ team is joining the 2 day festival at Seijosa on the 16th -18th Jan’17, where we will be collaborating to preserve & conserve Wildlife & build a community that fosters coexistence and interdependency between nature & mankind. The Event will include adventurous sports such as trekking, hornbill watching, star gazing at night, local cultural programmes, visits by dignitaries, village & river walk and workshops by other participating NGOs to foster Conservation in partnership with local communities.

Community botanists from Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, Kamison Mili, who is an endemic medicinal plant authority from the Mishing village, garden field experts Gita Dutta, plant ecologist & conservationist and Gautum Baruah, waste-water energy initiatives shared their on ground botany knowledge and exchanged ideas of Naturenomics ™ initiatives with the tribes and communities at eve of the festival during the Foundation’s annual business planning meeting programme organized by the Balipara Foundation team. The programme that kicked off with an induction at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark saw participation by civil society groups, WWF, Green Guard Nature Organization, The Green Hub, MASK, Cleanopolis and leading social entrepreneurs and citizens of Assam. It was followed by visit to Wild Mahseer, a field trip to the Pakke Tiger Reserve & lunch at Upper Seijosa.

The festival is an example of promotion of eco-tourism that not only puts Seijosa as a mascot to represent wild denizens’ of Pakke Tiger Reserve to spread the message for their protection and conservation but also gives ample opportunities for growth of eco villages, products, fairs & festivals, home stays to explore the culture and ethno-biodiversity of these communities and create Naturenomics™ industries.

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