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Balipara Foundation's Annual Calendar 2019


January 7 - January 9

Earth University, Navdanya, Dehradun

January 18 - January 20

Pakke Paga Festival


Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Discovering birds of the Eastern Himalayas-Birding

Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Nursery Techniques

February 14th

Ali Ai Ligang- Celebrating the Mishing spring festival of paddy cultivation

February 23rd - 27th

Nyokum- Celebrating the Nyishi festival of happiness and prosperity of the tribe


Nominations for Balipara Foundation Awardees,2019

Naturenomics™ School Workshop- Coconut Shell Craft

March 5th

World Wildlife Day

March 15

International Day of action for Rivers

March 21st

International Day of Forests & World Planting Day – Forest Bathing & Plantation Drive


First Regional Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum, Sikkim

Naturenomics™ School Workshop- Composting – Growing manure out of waste

April 15th - 17th

Rongali Bihu – Celebrating with local communities

April 22nd

Earth Day – Planting trees with community villages


Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Nature Photography

Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Cooking Class

May 27th

International Day of Biodiversity


Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Storytelling & Creating Stories

June 5th

World Environment Day Celebration – Recycling waste into creative art


Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Yoga Assamica

Solar Light distribution with community villages

July 16th

World Snake day – Snake Awareness Workshop


Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Bamboo craft

Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Organic Dyeing

August 12th

World Elephant Day


Club of Rome

Naturenomics™ School Workshop

Creative Art Workshop-Crafting Products from natural elements (straws, Jute, bamboo)

September 22nd

Car Free Day – Slow cycling and walking nature trails


Curtain Raiser Press Conference, Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum

Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Organic Dyeing Workshop

November 5th & 6th

Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum, 2019

Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Organic Painting

November 7th & 8th

Balipara Foundation Advisory Council Meeting

Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Snake Awareness


Naturenomics™ School Workshop – Women Empowerment through rural livelihoods Winter Fest Market

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