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Since 2007, Balipara Foundation has initiated experiments in ecological protection and restoration of the Eastern Himalayan Region through the concept of Naturenomics™.

Our journey to execute our vision of Conserving & Preserving the Natural Heritage of the Eastern Himalayas through a series of experiments. These experiments have led to working prototypes and innovative project models for conservation and botany through social mobility.

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The Balipara Foundation is structured as a Conservation Incubator. We channel the efforts of multiple agencies by providing a common platform with expertise in: Project Resourcing, Research, Technology & Advocacy.

This unique business model promotes collaboration and avoids duplication of efforts. We employ a Community Focused approach to conservation by centering our solution designs around Social Mobility & Long-term Sustainability.

We focus our efforts on Habitat Mapping, Planning & Restoration, Research, Innovation & Application and Policy Advocacy, Investment & Publication.

Through the principles of Naturenomics™ we seek to preserve a balance between conservation imperatives and human development through the  creation of ecologically compliant assets.

In 2016, we launched Elephant Country an initiative which works to preserve Asian Elephant Ecosystems by leveraging communities and technology and demonstrating the principles of Naturenomics™

Through Naturenomics™ we seek to catalyse social mobility programmes supporting sustainable economic and ecological development through extensive learning initiatives by unlocking the Nature Capital in food, water, energy, and biodiversity focused on ensuring that our Conservation Programs & Projects aspire towards delivering our core values of Naturenomics™ .

Our current major projects include:

Habitat mapping, planning & restoration
  • Elephant Country - Udalguri Landscap Mission
  • Indo-Bhutan Transboundry Project
  • Kaziranga - Karbi Anglong Project
  • Assam - Aruna Project
  • Indo - Myanmar Project
Research, Innovation & Application
  • Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark
  • Naturenomics™ School
  • Elephant Country - Elephants on the Move
  • Elephant Country - Asian Elephant Secretariat
Habitat mapping, planning & restoration
  • Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics™ Forum
  • Ecological Champions Case Studies
  • Asian Elephant Secretariat
  • Progress & Impact Report
  • Naturenomics™ 1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0
At Balipara Foundation we have never aspired to save the forests, instead we seek to learn from them. We envisage a future where conservation is a part of the human fabric and technological innovation reinforces the principles of Naturenomics™ in human development. The biodiversity-rich Eastern Himalayan Region serve as our inspiration and provide a backdrop for inspiring innovation in conservation efforts which will inspire conservationists globally.
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