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Winners of Balipara Foundation Awards 2013

Lists of Winner of Balipara Foundation Awards 2013


No. Award Categories Winners Presenters

The Annual  Balipara Foundation  Award:

This is a nominated award, which will be presented by the Balipara Foundation Board to a government or non-government organization, whose contribution to the protection of wild nature has gone beyond the call of duty and which has displayed demonstrable success in the arena of nature conservation

Pgymy Hog Conservation Programme (PHCP) – collected by William L. R. Oliver: Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme (PHCP) the first successful captive breeding programme of its kind, creating and guiding the process of reintroducing the endangered pygmy hog into the wild. Mr. Jahnu Barua: Talented Assamese filmmaker

The Balipara Foundation Naturenomics Award:

The current model of economic development forces us to make a choice between development & sustaining natural resources. Contrary to this belief, Naturenomics believes that this need not be a choice, but the only choice to have economic development alongwith sustaining our natural resources. This award will be presented to a green entrepreneur whose financial and ecological success has proven to be sustainable in wealth formation through the securitisation of natural assets such as food, water, energy and environment.

Shri Arindam Dasgupta CEO of Tambul Plates Pvt. Marketing Limited.

Shocked by the amount of plastic waste being produced in the shape and form of disposable plates, Arindam Dasgupta experimented and developed biodegradable plates for the food industry, manufactured out of areca nut leaves

Ms. Nandini Dutta: Chairperson, Crafts Council of Assam

The Balipara Foundation Green Legal Award:

We are in search of a lawyer or and organisation that has used the courts to win justice for wildlife or for communities living in or around ecologically fragile wildernesses.

Shri Gautam Uzir: A practicing lawyer of the Guwahati High Court, and a Member of the State Board for Wildlife in Assam, has consistently helped check encroachments in Assam’s forests and has furthermore pushed for the installation of environment-friendly waste management systems in Guwahati city too. Debojit Saha: A renowned singer

The Balipara Foundation Eastern - Himalayan Conservation Award:

We are in search of an individual, community or organisation that has significantly and successfully worked to protect the wildlife or wildernesses of the Eastern Himalaya upon which millions of people depend for their sustenance.

Dr. Anwaruddin Choudhury: (Also known as Birdman of Assam) whose dedication is virtually beyond compare. He has more experience with the diverse fauna of entire Northeast India than almost any other individual today. He is a bureaucrat, scientist, ornithologist, mammalogist, artist, photographer and author and he is also the Honorary Chief Executive of the Rhino Foundation for Nature in North East India and happens to be the District Magistrate of Lakhimpur District too. Dr. Pratip Banerji: Leading Homeopath, who is working on progressive cancer treatments around the world,

The Balipara Foundation Green Guru Award:

We are in search of a green teacher whose purpose in life is to inspire young people to respect, learn about and protect nature. The individual should have leadership qualities, including missionary zeal, passion and dedication so that others may seek to emulate his or her example.

Shri. Uttam Teron: A person whose missionary zeal, passion and dedication has changed the lives of thousands of students. From humble beginnings in Pamohi, he rose to establish a not-for-profit institution called the Parijat Academy, which provides free education and boarding to children from as many as 14 tribal villages. Ms Sentila Yanger: Padmashri Award winner  and Founder, Tribal Weave, whose organisation promotes Naga crafts and women development in rural areas,

The Balipara Foundation Young Naturalist Award:

We are in search of a young boy or girl in the age group 15 to 25 whose life has been dedicated to the protection of nature. The individuals we seek are agents of change and thought leaders of tomorrow and may be students, researchers, employees, or villagers.

Smt. Munjali Tokbipi: Born and brought up in Karbi Anglong, she coordinated the first ever ecological study in Karbi for Panthera, an international wildlife organisation working for big cats.  She was also nominated as the Youth Icon of 2013 by the Karbi Cultural Society. Spending most of her time in the thick jungles of Karbi Anglong, she works to garner the support of communities for the vital task of protecting our endangered wildlife. Shri Naba Kr. Das: Chief Secretary, Assam

The Balipara Foundation Food for the Future Award:

We are in search of a visionary individual, who might be a scientist, NGO, villager or entrepreneur who has made a significant contribution to the promotion of organic food, or has demonstrated alternative farming methods that increase yields using ecological principles that have brought about replicable change.

Shri Neelam Dutta: Founded the Lakshmi Agriculture and Multipurpose Project, or LAMP. which promotes ecologically-sound agricultural and farming practices. Starting out as a small initiative covering paddy farming and fish rearing, it has grown today into a successful, large twelve-hectare.organic farm on which fisheries, vermiculture, free-range dairy, vegetables and paddy combine to yield a rich harvest of produce that reaches thousands of families across Assam Mr. Bhaskar Barua: Former Agricultural Secretary Bhaskar Barua who also worked in the FAO in Myanmar

The Balipara Foundation Ecological Restoration  Award:

This award will be presented to an individual or organisation working on a landscape level towards the objective of climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Eastern Himalayas, through the rehabilitation of degraded, or ecosystem.

Shri Jadav Payang: A cow herder, lives on a Brahmaputra sandbar called Ouna Sapori, which his father had predicted would turn fertile with dung from his livestock. He collected and released different species of ants to speed up soil fertility. Google Earth suggests his is now one of the greenest Brahmaputra islands. A nature worshipper, his mission is to change the world, one island at a time Prabhat Dey: Nature architect and builder of a hotel modelled on Khasi architecture,

The Balipara Foundation Nature Conservancy Award:

We are in search of a community or organisation, government or non-governmental that has restored a parcel of non-forest land or deforested land to protected, biodiversity-rich forest status for posterity.

Karbi Anglong Police Department. Shri B. B. Chetri, APS.: The dedication, bravery and extraordinary humans beings, who went far beyond the call of duty. Seldom recognised for the hidden service they perform for their country, they risk their lives daily from armed and dangerous poachers and militants that profit from killing Kaziranga’s rhinos and elephants. Dir of National Park – NK Vasu: dynamic Field Director of the Kaziranga National Park

The Balipara Foundation Lifetime Service Award:

We are looking for an individual whose life has been devoted to the ecological welfare of the people of the Eastern Himalayas and whose philosophy and purpose have been guided by the need to protection, restore and care of nature. We are in search of a true hero; an Indian woman or man who is an inspiration to all.

Anne Wright: Quiet, determined and effective, defender of our wilds has been a field worker, administrator, lobbyist and activist all rolled into one. The daughter of an I.C.S. officer, who spent her childhood in the wildernesses of Madhya Pradesh. She has unquestionably been one of the most influential conservation figures in the Eastern Himalayas area
Shri Tarun Gogoi, Honorable Chief Minister of Assam whose personal interest in nature conservation is reflected in his unstinted support for the field staff of Assam’s many protected areas  Kaziranga, Manas, Dibru Saikhowa and Orangto


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