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About Rhythms of Manipur

Rhythms of Manipur, established in 1985, is a professional performing group expertise in both traditional and fusion arts, an important centre of  music and theatre. It  has undertaken research works for the revival of rare performing art forms of the region and conducted various concert tours at various parts of the country and aboard.
The group is a panel music group of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and Ministry of Culture for Festival of India abroad it has been supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India since 1994.
Rhythms of Manipur scored the music of many ballets, films too. During the last hirty one  years it has produced over a dozen different compositions and six plays including two children plays. In February 2013, sponsored by the ICCR the group toured Singapore and Hong Kong for concert as part of cultural marker event to commemorate 20 years of ASEAN-India partnership.The group participated at the first  Bharat Rang Mohotsav in 1999  as a collaborator of FFLT production,again in 2012 and 2014 with its own productions Its fusion music production the Journey based on the tunes and rhythms of four north-eastern states produced by the Doordarshan kendra Imphal was judged as  the Best Entry in the Music category in the 10th National Doordarshan Annual Award 2009-10. 

Theme About the Music Composition Rhythmic Rain

Nature has silently and unobtrusively shaped the character of the inhabitants of the mother earth. The nature and human beings lives together since human existence, the hill ranges, rivers, lakes, lush green fields, forest, animal species are all interdependent. But due to the process of modernization now a days the environment is rapidly changing and many animals’ species were vanished.

The music composition “ Rhythmic Rain ” starts with  the  natural sounds  of birds and winds followed by thunder storm in the form of destruction's. As the human beings realizes its folly and remembered Gods assignment start living afresh happy and wise in the tunes and beat of  slow and happy.Female dancing drummers displayed their talent in both music and movements. Both the traditional and modern instruments were used in this composition

Born in Imphal  in 1970 Rajkumar Sanatomba associated with noted musician and composer Ng. Ibopishak and founded with him Rhythms of Manipur in 1985.Studies traditional music and developed indigenous orchestra with fusion of traditional and modern elements.
Participated in Theatre Music Workshop conducted by Julia Hollander Fellow Winster Churchill Memorial Trust, U.K. at Imphal in 1993.Leads the Rhythms of Manipur team in tours in various States of the country since 1998. Played music at Singapore and Hong Kong alongwith the Rhythms of Manipur team in 2013 sponsored by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).In   March 2014 Sanatomba participated at the International conference on Manipuri culture and  literature held at Bangladesh.Actively involved  in various cultural projects and programmes undertaken in the State by the State Government , various NGOs  as well as individuals in various capacities.
An state journalists awardee Sanatomba also associated with various media and film  organisations .Sanatomba has also produced some  documentary films on culture and sports  for Doordarshan.


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