On December 1 st , the Asian Forum on Philanthropy, Innovation & Integration was inaugurated at Hangzou, China with delegates convening from around the world, including countries as diverse as the United States, Singapore, Cambodia, India and Japan. These thought leaders from both business, academic and nonprofit worlds, gathered to debate the issues surrounding the theme – Public Interest Innovation & Integrated Development. Among the attendees was the Group Governing Council of Smile Asia and their chairman, Ranjit Barthakur.

The forum was spread out over two days of intensive knowledge sharing and debate, with speeches by Ranjit Barthakur, Global Co-Chairman of Smile Asia International Alliance, Dou Ruigang, Executive Secretary of Tencent Charity Foundation, Wei Wei, Director of Asia Pacific, Hong Kong UBS Charity Foundation, and promoter of Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation Liu Zhengxuan, Chen Xiaode, Director of the Charity Promotion Department of the Civil Affairs Department of Zhejiang Province, and Jiang Xianzheng, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Metropolitan Express.

Following the inaugural speech by the Chairman of the Tomorrow Charity Foundation, Ranjit Barthakur, the Global Co-Chairman of Smile Asia, took to the stage to discuss Smile Asia’s work over the years and his thoughts on the future development of the foundation. He discussed the founding rationale behind Smile Asia of serving the global alliance of independent charities & patients in Asia, as international aid delivery methodologies change and its unique contributions to the field of aid delivery. These achievements included the creation of a platform for mutual learning & communication among medical institutions and the promotion of resource sharing via medical volunteer services, free surgery and care for children with facial deformities. In terms of volunteer management, Smile Asia has arranged knowledge sharing activities, medical scholarships and nursing education, and hopes that everyone involved can find value. Since its inception, Mr Barthakur informed the forum attendees, the Smile Asia Alliance has helped more than 70,000 patients with cleft lip and palate.

Other speakers discussed crucial developments in technology which could shape the future of aid delivery, particularly in the arena of information communications technology. New financial tools and mechanisms for delivering funding were examined in detail and the future of social innovation, through private players over government sectors was also debated at length.

At the end of a rich two day debate between the speakers and the forum attendees, the forum came to a successful close.

Sitting: Ms Chikako Kojima - Japan, Mr Keiji Matsushima - Japan, Mr Carl Treleaven - United States, Mr Ranjit Barthakur - India, A/Prof (Dr) Vincent Yeow - Singapore, Mr Michael Wu - China, Mr Chan Kok Choy - Cambodia, Dr Peter Pang - Hong Kong.

Standing: Ms Phoebe Low - Singapore, Ms Deborah Smith - United States, Ms Elizabeth Parker - United States, Prof Wang Guomin - China, Prof (Dr) Mok Theavy - Cambodia, Prof (Dr) Yoshiaki Hosaka - Japan, Mr James Fox - United States, Mr Abhimanyu Talukdar - Singapore, Dr Por Yong Chen - Singapore, Ms Melissa Wang - China, Dr Chng Chai Kiat - Singapore.


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