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Naturenomics™ 1.0 (August 2007)

Naturenomics™ - Nature and Economics - Nurturing Interdependence is a compilation of thought pieces focusing on the inter-connected issues of food security, water security, energy security and finally environment security. The articles have been contributed by various thought leaders from Lester Brown, Noah Walley, Bradley Whitehead and Pieter Winsemius to Pavan Sukhdev, Mr Bittu Sahgal and others.

These articles have been excerpted from renowned publications like The Harvard BusinessReview, The McKinsey Quarterly, Eco-Economy, California Environmental Associates. Additionally a group of research analysts from gms, with an average age of less than 25 years, have contributed their thoughts in an attempt to tilt the focus to a solutions based approach.

The book propagates ideas, and proposes alternatives and solutions. As Ranjit Barthakur, founder and chairman of gms, aptly puts it in his first chapter "Our Natural Inheritance"; "This compilation is not meant to provoke discussion and debate; we have indeed seen and heard enough of that already. It is intended to stimulate immediate action, without which we will continue our rapid downward spiral into the black hole of imbalance between nature and economics."

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Introducing Naturenomics 4.0 in Odisha, Bhubaneswar
Introducing Naturenomics 4.0 in Odisha, Bhubaneswar
Introduction of Naturenomics 4.0, New Delhi
Introduction of Naturenomics 4.0, New Delhi
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