Indo - Myan Biodiversity Park

The Proposed Park is located within the Eastern Himalayas Biodiversity Hotspot and covers an area of 35664.66 km2. India & Myanmar share a 1643 km border. Out of the 11 Forest Areas that the Park will connect, 2 are located in India and 9 in Myanmar. The Indian part of the border contributes 5.91% or 1991.42 km2 whereas Myanmar contributes 94.09% or 33673.24 km2 to the Biodiversity Park. All 11 forest reserves are located in an almost straight North-South line with the Khakaborazi National Park at the Northern end and the Mount Victoria National Park at the Southern end. Both Parks are located in Myanmar. Altitudinal ranges are between 300 feet to 13000 feet. The region, though constituting of a minor portion of the Eastern Himalayan Region, is a focal point in plant & wildlife diversity.


One of major threats to regions such as these is that they are becoming increasingly fragmented. Divided into countries and states with varying levels of human activity, such regions are rapidly losing its original contiguous connection. Corridors that connect wildlife to varying ecosystem habitats required for seasonal and need based migration are being lost to human encroachment. It has also been observed in many cases that human settlements beside wildlife habitats drastically increase the possibility of poaching, especially in areas where livelihood options are limited.


The objectives of the proposed Park would be to create wildlife corridors and buffer zones to connect the 11 Forest Reserves, create buffer zones to check human encroachment, develop compensatory mechanisms through innovative conservation funding, and thereby benefit local community stakeholders in a manner in which the ‘conservation of habitats & biodiversity compliments their livelihood and lifestyle options’.


Sr Name Country State Area (km2)
1. Namdapha National Park India Arunachal Pradesh 1985
2. Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary India Nagaland 6.42
Area Sub-Total in India (km2) 11991.42
3. Indawgyi Wildlife Sanctuary Myanmar Kachin 775
4. Khakaborazi National Park Myanmar Kachin 3812
5. Pituang Wildlife Reserve Myanmar Kachin 2000
6. AlaugdawKathapa National Park Myanmar Sagaing 1605
7. Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary Myanmar Sagaing 268.2
8. Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve Myanmar Sagaing 21890
9. Minwun Hill Wildlife Sanctuary Myanmar Sagaing 2005.88
10. Tamanthi Wildlife Reserve Myanmar Sagaing 596.7
11. Mount Victoria National Park Myanmar Chin 720
Area Sub-Total in India (km2) 33672.78
Total Area of the Indo-Myan Biodiversity Park (km2) 35664.2




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The Story of All of Us
The Story of All of Us
Described as the "Hero for the Planet" by Time Magazine - Dr. Peter Raven inaugurates the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark
Described as the "Hero for the Planet" by Time Magazine - Dr. Peter Raven inaugurates the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark
Bio-diversity Hotspot
Bio-diversity Hotspot
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