Human Elephant Conflict mitigation study in Assam

State Governments retain responsibility for elephant populations, as the legal custodians and hence automatically assumes the responsibility for managing the safety of human life and property from Elephant depredation. Wildlife Protection Acts and an “Endangered Status” provide the Elephant with legal protection and therefore, act as deterrents to overt retaliation from conflicted communities. Affected Communities do organize themselves, having to directly confront aggressive bulls to protect crop & property, in many cases. Their efforts are however, extremely chaotic, uncoordinated and extremely dangerous, which therefore causes high levels of mental & psychological trauma. Forest Officials & Captive Elephants are often called in during conflict situations but responses are usually and understandably slow. Many NGOs have also complemented these efforts by bringing in innovative and tech-based solutions. The combined results of these efforts have been humble, at best. Most HEC management efforts have been very ad hoc and hence mostly unsuccessful.

The Proposed Study will be aimed at developing Community Based Conflict Mitigation Strategies across 6 Geographical Locations across the State of Assam. Rapid & Focused Surveys, Interviews and Demonstrations with communities settled on the fringes of these Protected Areas and data gathering from Forest Departments and involved NGOs, the study will reproduce the following information sets to guide localized and independent Mitigation Measures:


  • Land Use Patterns
  • Elephant Behavior and Ecology in HEC Situations & Locations
  • Mitigation Measures used in HEC
  • Recording, Reporting, and Analysis of Incident Situations
  • Livelihood Impacts
  • Compensation Mechanisms


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